martes, 5 de febrero de 2019


Many thoughts.
Many plans.
Many options.
Many doubts.
Many words.
Many books.
Many series.
Many films.
Many possibilities.
Many goals.

Many on-holds.

Many unstarted.
Many unfinished.

Many people.
Many smiles.
Many hugs.
Little space.

Many hours.
Little time.

Many mirrors.
Many lives.
Many reasons.
Many paths.

I don't want to stop.
But I don't want to run.

I want to go.
But I don't wanna say bye.

I don't wanna hear questions.
I don't wanna answer.

I just want to go.
And finally...

find myself.

Even today, I live moderately
I walk in pace, moderately wearing down
The sun suffocates me
And the world strips me naked
I can't help it, there's no other way
I collect myself that's shattered beneath the moonlight
I call you moonchild
We are the children of the moon
I breathe the cold night air
Yes we're livin' and dyin'
At the same time
But you can open your eyes for now
Just like that movie, like the line (from the movie)
The entire world is blue inside the moonlight

4 o'clock

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